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使用2週後 睫毛更多更長更濃密 (獨家專利配方)





• 眼科醫生開發並推薦

• 臨床證明的三肽

• 6種經過認證的有機成分

• 植物幹細胞

• 無刺激配方

• 無防腐劑

• 無藥性

• 無動物測試

• 無副作用


LONGER. THICKER. FULLER. Eyelashes in 2 WEEKS (Exclusive Formula)



PURiLASH is a natural, safe, effective eyelash serum. It is a non-prostaglandin containing Tri-peptide formula, combined with Organic Botanical Extracts and Plant Stem Cells technology to enhance the appearance of longer, thicker and fuller lashes.


• Ophthalmologist Developed and Recommended

• Clinically Proven Peptides

• 6 Certified Organic Ingredients

• Vegan Stem Cells

• Non-irritating Formula

• Paraben Free

• Drug Free

• Cruelty Free

• No side-effect



Once daily apply PURiLash Serum to the base of your eyelashes starting at the outer corner of your eyes working inward with a full brush stroke



PURiLASH Lash & Brow Serum

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  • 三肽 (獨家專利) - 促進睫毛生長

    原維生素B5 - 修復受損毛髮

    6種經過認證的有機植物提取物 - 包括維生素,礦物質,氨基酸和多醣,有效舒緩和鎮靜皮膚

    瑞士蘋果植物幹細胞和堅果植物幹細胞 - 促進產生新生細胞

    有機綠茶/甘菊 - 滋養睫毛和周圍的眼睛區域

    Tri-peptide (Exclusive Formula) - for eyelash growth

    ProVitamin B5 - help repair damage hair

    6 Certified Organic Botanical Extracts - contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polysacchardies, helps clam and sooth the skin

    Swiss Apple Plant Stem Cell & Argan Plant Stem Cell - encourage new cell generation 

    Organic Green Tea & Chamomile - nourishing the lashes and surrounding eye area 

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“❤️This eyelash serum is amazing. Vegan and organic healthy ingredients without any chemicals. It works like magic!!! I see my lashes get thicker and stronger just after a week. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and it feels light and gets absorbed right away. Highly recommend to anyone who have lash extensions as your extensions will last longer too."


“Day 7 after started applying PURiLASH the eyelash serum, I can see my eyelashes have grown faster."


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